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Regular Business Cards

Regular Business Cards

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Socal-Graphix Business Card Highlights

Our Regular Business Cards come with a variety of card stock to choose from. All styles come with our latest technology in printing with the newest of printers out there. We offer great pricing for either short runs or larger corporate size quantities.
Regular Business Card Printing comes with a matte finish which are very highly used in today’s market. These simple cards come in 14 PT and 16 PT, depending on what you want. We also provide spot UV and other styles in addition to rounded edges.
Please contact us if you have a custom quote order or do not see a specific style or size. You can reach us at our office at (855)7-Graphix or

  • 14 Pt. Business Cards
  • 16 Pt. Ultra Thick Matte & UV Coated Cover
  • Highest Quality Printing Materials
  • Proofing For All Files
  • Quality Inspection
  • Free File Check & File Fixing
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Paper Material:

    14 PT Cardstock
    16 PT Premium Cardstock


    3.5" x 2" (Horizontal)
    2" x 3.5" (Vertical)
    2" x 2" (Square)
    3.35" x 2.16" (European Standard)

    Rounded Corners:

    1/8" Round - 4 Corners
    1/8" Round - 2 Corners
    1/4" Round - 4 Corners
    1/4" Round - 2 Corners


    Matte Coating:
    Matte coating is a dull finish on top of the card stock. This finish is perfect if you want to be able to write on the cards or want a modern, classic finished business card.

    UV Coating: UV Coating is a coating which goes on top of your print creating a shine and protects your card form ultra violet rays. Meaning, over time your cards will not change color do to being under the sun or other light damage.

    Spot UV: Spot UV is exactly what you think! It will be the same UV coating we provide for our cards, however, Spot UV allows us to control exactly where you want the coating to go. When placing Spot UV business cards, please know that you will need to provide additional files per Spot UV side. These files should be on a CMYK (0 0 0 100) color.

    Silk: Silk finishes have a premium coating finish which makes your cards feel like they are silk. This finish is limited to sizes and quantities, but you can order your Silk Business Cards here.

    Suede: Suede finish is one of our favorite and most extravagant coatings. This layer of coating makes your cards feel like, yes you guessed it, Suede! This finish feels amazing in the hands and makes your cards really stand out! You can order Suede Business Cards here, add all your options and check out for a fast and quick shipping.

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