Socal-Graphix Business Card Highlights

One of the most unique of all coatings, EndurACE business cards are made out of special materials which make it water proof, super resilient, and give it tremendous durability. We print these on a 10 PT paper stock which has a feel of a 100lb paper stock.EndurACE Business Card Printing is used in a lot of restaurants, stores, and construction businesses. EndurACE card stock is perfect for the heavy duty user. Minor scratches, water drops, bends, and wrinkles do not have an effect. Sort of feels like plastic but it is bendable and malleable. Try a set and see how you like them!
  • 10 pt. EndurACE Card Stock
  • Highest Quality Printing Materials
  • Proofing For All Files
  • Quality Inspection
  • Free File Check & File Fixing
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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