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28 PT Coldfoil Business Cards

28 PT Coldfoil Business Cards

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Socal-Graphix Business Card Highlights

28 PT Coldfoil card printing is a new process which allows our printers to create a metallic shine throughout the CMYK color spectrum. Coldfoil cards give you a shine that no cards will give, differentiate the colors. The card stock along with the coloring effects used creates a pattern that no other card stock or style can replicated. The texture is also different, a bit more smoother than your normal cards. We have many different styles and additional processes which we can add on to the coldfoil card printing, if t
  • 28 Pt. Coldfoil Card Stock
  • Highest Quality Printing Materials
  • Proofing For All Files
  • Quality Inspection
  • Free File Check & File Fixing
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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