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Wedding Invitation Styles to Get Inspired By

Wedding Invitation Styles to Get Inspired By

Making a statement with your wedding invitation is becoming far more important than just being a choice. Many couples put a lot of thought into getting it just right. And why not? Wedding invitations are the first impression guests will get to your wedding! And you don’t want that impression to be just a normal one!

While some couples prefer to keep their wedding invitations simple, others decide to get creative. To get you all set and started, we have brought together a list of creative wedding invitation styles to get inspired by.


The most popular of all the wedding invitation styles out there!

Letterpress printing is a technique that creates a hard, raised surface. There is an assortment of concepts, colors, and fonts that you can choose from once you have decided on letterpress invitations. One such concept is a fairytale letterpress.

Are you a total romantic and in love with the idea of a fairytale wedding? Fairytale letterpress is just the right kind for you!

This can include fairytale fonts, expressions like “once upon a time” and “happily ever after”, pumpkin carriages, and flowers. Everything a storybook-looking invitation appears like!

Letterpress Wedding Invitations
vintage wedding cards


Turn the clock back for a vintage inspired wedding invitation!

Black and white or sepia tones make for a faultless vintage feel. A vintage look can also be achieved by playing with various typography which uses old-style typefaces and different kinds of interesting shapes.

A gorgeous retro invite is perfect if you want something elegant but not too fussy!

If you are a fan of the vintage theme, then chic wedding invitations with a handmade vibe to it are sure to tickle your fancy!

Floral Patterns

A tinge of floral doesn’t harm anyone!

Simple, bright floral patterns or ornate floral designs are becoming more popular as days are passing. They offer a clean, contemporary, and an eye-catchy effect. The cherry blossom patterns are effective too!

Pretty floral details meet playful accents for a seriously classic wedding invitation!

Floral Wedding Cards
Modern Wedding Cards

Modern and Minimalistic

A light breath of fresh air with no bunch of “extras”!

Modern and minimalistic wedding invitations are focused mostly on interesting typography and classic design. A splash of color is simple yet effective. Metallic is also a chic way to introduce color and accent to an otherwise minimalist, contemporary palette.

Want just a dash of whimsy? A muted and simple invite incorporating playful fonts will suit your style!


It’s time to express your personality as a couple!

Personalized wedding invitations start with gathering details that compliment both of you. You have the liberty to choose exactly how personal you want to get with your invitation. You can’t get more personal than a picture of yourself though!

Personalized wedding invitations are unique and leave room for as much creativity as you would like!

Personalized Wedding Cards

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