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Packaging Designs: From Functional to Fanciful

Packaging Designs: From Functional to Fanciful

Packaging is more than just bubble wrap and boring boxes. It makes them feel extra good, extra special and extra excited about their new product.
With just a little thought and some added extras, packaging can give your customers an unexpected smile. Powering up your packaging can make your customers feel just like kids on a Christmas morning.

Packaging affects an individual’s perception of what’s hidden inside the box. If your business is based online, your package may be the sole physical touch point with your customers. It’s the first impression of you and your brand. If your products are packed with thoughtfully chosen care and effort, it shows you are a considerate seller who is worthy of a repeat business.

Powering up your unboxing appeal!

It’s nothing short of delightful when there’s something more than expected like a simple handwritten card along with some stickers adding a personal touch! Here are some ideas to take your packaging from functional to fancy.


Package Designs
• Glittering up the box!
If an order comes in a branded, unique, gift-like box, its picture is more likely to be shared on social media.
A box can be heightened up with the help of brand colors, printed papers, an embossed logo, or even some cool stickers.
Small details like these are easy to overlook, but they tie the brand together by delivering an overall brand experience.
Bid adieu to the traditional bubble wraps. It’s time for some enhancing of the box!

• Treating with a little extra!
Small gifts and samples are always a win while unboxing a package.
The surprise factor of a free sample or a thoughtful gift is always remembered as an unexpected bonus.
Who wouldn’t relish a handwritten postcard with a logo or a mini card saying “your treat is inside, hope you love it” after lifting the lid? An extra act of kindness is always admired by all!

• Including a personal touch!
Why miss out a chance of adding a personal touch to your orders?
A hand-written “thank you for ordering with us” or “we hope you like your order” notes are always nice to receive!
Another option can be writing your notes on a branded postcard or flyer. This way your customer can get your personal message along with all the information they need for future orders.

• Maintaining the relationship!
A joyful unpacking experience is a perfect moment to introduce your customers to the rest of the brand. It’s a great way to remind them of the other things they spotted on your website or would like to own.
A catalog or a flyer featuring some must-try or star products can encourage customers to come back and shop with you soon.

The perfect branding and packaging is the perfect recipe for the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship!

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