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Insights on Media Coverage

Insights on Media Coverage

Insights on Media Coverage

Media coverage is a marketing tool that gives your business the opportunity to get the best exposure out there to the right candidates of clientele and in turn is directly related to advertising. Advertising itself can be seen as breathing life to your business through visual attributes that gives promotion to your products. Both media coverage and advertising gives your business exposure in the right places but what happens when your business has an image problem?

Image problem comes about when your business is not unique, doesn’t stand out, doesn’t live up to its promise, has no clearly defined goal or generally has no Brand. This can be attributed to what happens when you think about what people think about your business… and the resulting answer isn’t definite. It’s really not as complicated as it sounds, the deal is

“If there’s no image in the heads of your proposed customers then there’s an image problem for your business”

This image problem can be fixed with the right:

  • Media coverage
  • Advertising and
  • Branding

Without mixing things up, let’s look at a few similarities/types of tools used with these three:

Media Coverage Uses Advertising Branding
Television Coverage Digital Advertising Product Brand
Newspaper Coverage Mobile Advertising Personal Brand
Internet Coverage Print Advertising, Etc. Corporate Brand

Table1.1 Similarities/Tools of Media Coverage

Media Coverage BrandingMedia coverage can’t be entirely complete without th e advertising which gives the viewers the visual image of your company while branding gives the identity of your company.

The power of media is mostly underrated as the main points that should be tackled when having a media coverage are usually overlooked. When things like knowing your audience, giving out newsworthy content, knowing the right time to announce a new product, etc. are considered when laying out plans for your media strategy then you are walking towards the path of leveraging on your coverage and giving your business that lift it needs.

Now imagine having great media coverage without advertising or media coverage – advertising and no brand image. How is your business supposed to thrive without any of these? The fact that they are linked together is something most business owners and company managers refuse to acknowledge. The full requirement here is

  • Get your brand fixed,
  • Advertise to reach maximum number if clients then
  • Use media coverage to stay at the top of your consumer heads

Then, sit back and watch them run to you when they need the particular service you offer while you struggle with your last breath to live up to the promise of your brand.

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