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Simple ways to expand your Business

Starting up a new business or reinventing an old one, company branding is essential to have an imprint in the consumer market. It’s like going to a party and seeing thousands of people, but how many do we remember the next day? Only a handful. Why? Because those people and faces appealed to you, you found them interesting. Having an effective brand strategy is all about appealing to your clients. It is about getting noticed and telling them that you can be of interest to them.

When you own a successful brand, your customer will choose you over your competitors for not just your product, but how they feel about buying from you. We live in a world full of choices, consumers are bombarded with thousands offers, deals and images every day A strong brand will build loyalty towards your product and reflect the quality of the product you’re selling. It will give your company recognition in a highly competitive market. And most important of all, it will help you retain and gain new customers.

It is the ‘feel good factor’, that makes people buy locally produced apples at double the rate they would get in the grocery stores, that makes women spend thousands of dollars on a luxury brand when the same quality is available for a lot less. Studies have shown that those who maintain their niche against big corporations are the ones who retain their brand value in the mind of the customer. What makes you different? What are your unique selling points? How can you create ‘feel good factor’ around your product? Creating a brand is not difficult. It just needs a little bit of thought.

The first step to creating a successful brand is identifying your company’s core values. Make sure you know what exactly what you want your brand to represent. Next, make the brand real. It’s all in the looks! Brands are made real through images- logos, colors and layout.

Brand logos like the target circle, the McDonald’s Arched M, the Nike’s tick, have all become icons. What we see, we retain. Studies show that we are more likely to remember what we see, than what we hear. There are four cardinal rules that should be kept in mind while designing a logo. It should be simple, versatile, memorable and timeless.

Designing a logo that appeals to your target audience is vital. It will be the flag of your company forever. Choose it wisely. Make it discernible. And we can help, without digging a hole in your pocket. At Socal-graphix, we pride ourselves, in providing you with your exclusive logo that captures the identity of your company. We our passionate about making your brand a success. Our team of graphic designers and product managers work round the clock to transform your brand vision into reality, within your budget. We take time to understand what your company stands for and what you want your company logo to convey.

Here is a quick color template that can help you decide on your next logo!

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