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What is Our Main Purpose?

We design at a personal level with an affordable price. We want our clients, you, to be happy. We will not stop, until you are! We understand business and want all our clients to know that we are here to work with them, in the end, if we do not have you, who else are we working for? Our joy is pleasing our clients with every procedure possible, and you will notice that once you begin working with us.

Some Fun Facts About Us!

13+ Years of Experience


2565+ Number of Logos Created


10,424+ Number of Graphic Related Designs


6,229+ Different Sets of Items Printed


1232+ Satisfied Clients


99% Satisfaction Rating


Socal-Graphix has established what was once a very complex and expensive concept as it relates to and .
Now it has been simplified into 3 easy steps; making it easy on the client. We believe that a new business or endeavor should not have all the expensive startup costs such as building a brand, creating business
cards, or purchasing marketing mailers. With our skilled designers and project managers, Socal-Graphix believes that customer satisfaction should be the primary focus – and we make sure that we stand by our beliefs.

Our philosophy is based on 3 things:


At Socal-Graphix, we believe that it is important to understand your company’s goals and before beginning a project. In fact, this is one of the most
significant steps we take. By holding a high level of standard into clearly understanding our client’s brand, concepts, and marketplace, we can truly design and print the exact ideas to their complete satisfaction.


We believe strongly in understanding and taking care of client’s needs. After conducting extensive research, our design crew works out the specifics and begins the project immediately. A project manager manages, directs
and foresees all designs, while ensuring that our clients receive exactly what they had initially asked for. As it should be, every design goes through a revision process to get the job done right! Socal-Graphix
recognizes the necessity of quality assurance to ensure . In fact, this is a critical part of design and should never be ignored or treated as
an additional service.


Once we have created and designed our clients’ ideas, we make sure our client is fully satisfied with the outcome. By offering a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, we know that our clients will feel confident in
doing business with us. Socal-Graphix strives to provide excellent customer service and backed by their exceptional designs, , and other

What is the story behind our logo?

As you could’ve guessed, we are based out of Los Angeles, CA. Our logo shows progression, movements, or development. We like to develop our logos from nothing, to something. It shows time and evolution, with
evolution there is change. From circle to square, Socal-Graphix.com covers it all!


Von Essa

Project Manager/Lead Designer


Tim Evans

Graphic Designer


Jen Hart

Print Production Coordinator


Sam Nguyen

Web Developer/Graphic Artist


Ana Ray

Content Writer/Social Media Marketing

Working at Socal-Graphix.com

We thank you for your interest in our little company or “family”. We take pride at our work and strive to have great customer satisfaction. We love to work with new people as well as bring new people in our family circle. Unfortunately, we are not hiring
for the moment. However, you can contact us with any questions and get in touch with us at any time.

Work with us and allow us to work with you! Affiliates and partners, message us your information!

Want to help us spread our love for design and printing? Tell us some information about yourself and your company and a representative will contact you. We want to provide our great customer service to as many people and companies we can, believe us when
we say you wont be disappointed!